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Tips for replacing top salespeople




All good things must come to an end, especially in the world of sales and staffing. Whether all-star performers are leaving for retirement reasons or new opportunities on the horizon, the thought of finding someone who will deliver the same results and fit in the culture can seem daunting. Rest assured though, it’s not impossible. With some planning and putting a few processes in place, you’ll be well positioned to celebrate the departing team members and welcome the new ones.






Sandler Training recommends the following tips to help identify potential sales professionals that are worth the investment and will help bring long-term success to the company.




  • Create a playbook for training. On a quarterly basis consult with top salespeople to get them to share their approach to the job. More often than not, veteran and top salespeople have a hard time putting into words how they go about their job. For some of them, they’ve doing it for such a long time, they just do it. Make an effort to ask them to take a step back and think about the attitudes, behaviors and techniques that lead them to success.
  • 制作一本操作手册用以培训 每个季度都让顶尖的业务人员分享他们的工作方法和心得。通常的情况是,资深的老手和业绩高手很难用言语把他们的心得表达到位,对一些人来说,他们仅仅是很有经验了,一直就是这么做的。让他们努力回想当初是什么样的心态、行为和技巧给他们带来了成功。


  • Follow the SEARCH process. Sandler Training often looks to its SEARCH process when it comes to training and recruiting situations. By taking time to evaluate exactly what is needed to be successful in the position you’re looking to fill, you’re more likely to find someone who will be worth the investment.
  • 遵循 ”SEARCH” 步骤 招聘和培训的时候,桑德拉会遵循SEARCH步骤,如果你花心思去评估在销售岗位取得成功所需要的素质和能力,你更有可能找到物有所值的人选。



  • Skills – Identify skills your top salespeople possess and teach new associates the importance of those skills.
  • – 明确你的顶尖销售人员所具备的技能,并让你新招来的人员重视和学习这些技能
  • Experiences – Know the ups and downs your top salespeople experienced and what they learned from each experience. Bring those good and bad experiences to life for the new person. This way, pitfalls can be avoided and the lessons will be learned.
  • – 了解你的顶尖销售所经历的风雨和起伏,以及他们从中学到的经验教训。把这些经验教训运用到新人的实际工作中。这样就能借鉴经验,避免犯同样的错。
  • Attitude – Look at the attitudes of top salespeople and identify the common traits among them. Incorporate the importance of these attitudes in the onboarding/training process. In most cases they all have the ability to bounce back from failures, stay focused on goals, remain positive, healthy self-concept, etc.
  • – 看看顶尖销售人员的态度和心态,找出他们共有的特质,在新员工培训的时候融入这些态度。通常来说,顶尖销售人员都有抗挫折能力,聚焦目标,保持积极,以及良好的自我认知。
  • Results – Look at the numbers these top salespeople are hitting. In many cases, new hires are competitive and will want to know the shoes they’re ultimately going to have to fill. But, don’t expect them to hit these numbers immediately – that will come over time with proper training. In the short term, create achievable performance metrics for new hires to reach.
  • – 看一下顶尖销售所实现的业绩。通常,新到岗的销售都乐于竞争,并想知道他们最终能做成什么样。但是,不要一下子就期待他们能够完成同样的业绩,他们需要适当的培训,需要一定的时间。短期内,订立合理的业绩指标让新销售为之奋斗。
  • Cognitive skills – Know which processes the top sales people use that the new hire should employ as well.
  • 知能力 – 了解顶尖销售人员是用什么方法流程,新招来的销售也应当学习它
  • Habits – Encourage the top salespeople to share their every day work habits to help create a framework and better understanding of a typical day in the position. For example, how many calls they make per day? How many are to current clients? How many are to new business prospects
  • – 鼓励顶尖的业务人员分享他们的每日工作习惯,从而帮助新销售理解和构建典型的工作日应该是怎样的。比如,他们每天打多少通电话,多少是给老客户,多少是做新客户开发?


  • Ask your network for recommendations. Some of the best hires will be people you know, have already impressed you or that your team has already been exposed to in some fashion. Ask clients that you trust, associates that network often or reconnect with someone who made an impression on you.
  • 在你的圈子里寻求推荐 最佳的候选人可能是你已经认识的人,或者是曾与你或者你的团队有过接触的人。向你信任的客户、你的同事寻求推荐,或者重新联系那些曾经给你留下过深刻印象的人。


  • Refer to LinkedIn. These days LinkedIn is a top tool for recruiting. Look to your connections on LinkedIn to see who’s performing well and engaging with other LinkedIn users in your industry.
  • 借力领英 (Linkedin) 领英已经成为一个很好的招聘工具,看看你在领英的联系人中谁是业绩不错的,并且一直与你所在行业的其他人保持互动的。


  • Incentivize associates for leads. Consider creating (or reinstating) a program that rewards associates for leads and referrals on new hires that meet milestones. The milestones can range from sales quota milestones to rewarding once the new hire reaches 6 months with the company.
  • 鼓励内部推荐 开始考虑(恢复)内部推荐奖励计划,获得奖励的标准可以灵活设定:尺度从实现显著业绩,入职6个月,各种程度的奖励都可以。



While your top performers can never be “replaced,” a process can be relied upon to help you rebuild and restaff when the time comes – and it always does.






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